Webinar Series

Join us every month for timely discussions on sales and marketing in science.

The new SAMPS Seminar Series brings together SAMPS directors, members and special guests to discuss some of the hottest topics in the industry. From selling in the era of COVID-19 to extracting latent value from your CRM, we’ll cover the areas most critical to doing business today.

Upcoming Webinars

There’s no question that the pandemic has given us all Zoom fatigue. We’ve been meeting virtually for nearly a year, not by choice but by necessity. As we continue to meet virtually throughout 2021, we need to combat Zoom fatigue by making our virtual meetings not just more tolerable, but more impactful and even—dare we say—more enjoyable.

Adult learning theory has proven that interaction builds retention. What nobody could have foreseen though, is how much more important interaction is in a virtual world. While working from home, your virtual participants can be multitasking in ways they couldn’t at live meetings. The way forward is to engage them so that they don’t want to be doing anything else.

Join us for this session to discuss engaging participants for maximum effectiveness. You’ll walk away with ideas you can implement immediately to keep your coworkers, clients, and prospects engaged and singularly focused.

Participant Outcomes:
• Discover up-to-the-minute strategies that professional virtual meeting hosts are using to engage attendees
• Learn simple ways to modify your session length and delivery for maximum effectiveness in a virtual environment
• Experience first-hand techniques to stay engaged, and judge for yourself!

Future Webinars

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July 14: “Building the Best Marketing Dashboards Ever” – Register Now

Aug. 4 “How do we get New Customer’s Attention? Improving Click Through Rates and Onwards Responses” – Register Now

Sept. 8: “Account-based Marketing & Applications” – Register Now