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Join us every month for timely discussions on sales and marketing in science.

The new SAMPS Seminar Series brings together SAMPS directors, members and special guests to discuss some of the hottest topics in the industry. From selling in the era of COVID-19 to extracting latent value from your CRM, we’ll cover the areas most critical to doing business today.

Upcoming Webinars

The questions after our last CRM related webinar all had the same theme- “Can you tell me about compliance?” So we’ve listened and arranged a GDPR/CCPA specific panel to answer all of your data compliance questions.

Axel is a lawyer based in Sweden and is an expert on GDPR, whilst Lori is an American attorney who will speak to all things CCPA related. After the panel we’ll split into networking rooms where you can speak one-on-one with Axel or Lori to answer any other specific questions you might have.

Laura Haldane, VP Sales & Marketing, SciLeads Ltd

Axel Tandberg, CEO and Founder, Tandberg & Partners AB
Lori Manca, CEO and Founder, LM Compliance Services LLC

In this webinar we will discuss best practices to engage with your audience when developing mixed media content.

Future Webinars

April 14: “Making Your Customer Data Sing to You- The Future Potential of AI”  – Register Now

May 5: “What are the Latest Marketing Tools?” – Register Now

June 2: “Navigating Google Ads & Analytics”Register Now

June 7: “Building the Best Marketing Dashboards Ever” – Register Now

Aug. 4 “How do we get New Customer’s Attention? Improving Click Through Rates and Onwards Responses” – Register Now

Sept. 8: “Account-based Marketing & Applications” – Register Now