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The new SAMPS Seminar Series brings together SAMPS directors, members and special guests to discuss some of the hottest topics in the industry. From selling in the era of COVID-19 to extracting latent value from your CRM, we’ll cover the areas most critical to doing business today.

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Your CRM is a goldmine.  Are you using it correctly?

9th Dec 2020

Like Excel, PowerPoint and so many other tools, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) packages have far more power than most are exploiting. In fact, most businesses dramatically under utilize their CRM despite its big investment. For many companies the CRM is still not much more than a database. But in today’s pandemic and therefore contact challenged world, how should you be looking at your CRM tool and deploying it?

In this webinar we will ask two sales and marketing panelists why CRM is often underutilized and how to get salespeople to improve adoption and utility.  We will look at how the ‘Customer’ data in CRM should be developed and used, and perhaps most urgently, how the ‘Relationship’ piece should be managed to gain more targeted contact with better outcomes.

The webinar will also focus on what companies need to consider when thinking of using their CRM for lead management, scoring, opportunity and sales conversion tracking. The discussion will cover the processes used to turn leads generated from a variety of sources into marketing qualified, sales ready leads. It will also cover tips on how sales and marketing need to work together to achieve successful outcomes and to enhance brand recognition and quality.


Jasmine Gruia-Gray, VP Global Marketing at Gyros Protein Technologies


Stephen Archer, Spring Partnerships