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The new SAMPS Seminar Series brings together SAMPS directors, members and special guests to discuss some of the hottest topics in the industry. From selling in the era of COVID-19 to extracting latent value from your CRM, we’ll cover the areas most critical to doing business today.

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Lead generation native to conventional B2B marketing revolves around capturing as many leads as possible. Quantity over quality. In contrast, account-based marketing (ABM), according to Gartner, entails using a variety of techniques to “target and engage identified accounts and individuals across all stages of the buying process.” With its laser-like focus and personalized approach to engagement, ABM is a natural fit for the life science industry where increasingly complex customer journeys require cultivating relationships with stakeholders representing diverse business functions. This webinar will focus on ABM from a life science lens, highlighted by best practices, advice for anyone looking to get started and anecdotes from individuals who have implemented ABM. Panelists will include (insert speakers). Sign up today!


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