SAMPS Awards

The SAMPS awards celebrate the biggest sales and marketing names and companies in the life science and applied research industries

Welcome to the SAMPS Awards 2022

The Awards will launch on Tuesday 6th September 2022


Entries open on Tuesday 6th September

Closing date for entries is Friday 30th September

The Awards ceremony will take place on Sunday 13th November both in San Diego and online

The Awards are free to enter and you can enter multiple categories

Click here to see last year’s winners.

Company of the Year

The Company of the Year is a general award to recognize companies in the space. This company will be showing business success, be an excellent place to work and provide excellent customer service standards. This award celebrates a wider picture of business success.

Startup of the Year

This award recognises a company within its first 3 years that has shown considerable growth in its initial years and is an exciting up-and-comer in the industry.

Young Person of the Year

The Young Person of the Year Award celebrates those under 30 who are promoting new innovations and who are showing a considerable contribution to the success of their team. 

Marketing Professional of the Year

Celebrating brilliance in marketing, this award recognizes the impact the individual has made on business objectives and highlights the work going on within marketing in the industry.

Sales Professional of the Year

This award celebrates the sales professional who has proactively contributed to the business and team’s success over the past year. This award will recognize the efforts being put in by salespeople in this difficult year.

Support Professional of the Year

This award recognizes a team or individual who has supported sales and marketing efforts over the past year. Celebrating the people and the efforts that are essential drivers for success, including content writers, customer support, engineers, and application specialists to name a few!

Tool Provider of the Year

This award recognizes those individuals or companies that provide sales or marketing tools or services to life and applied sciences organizations, and who have made a big contribution to how their clients do business.

Campaign of the Year

Recognizing team effort a sales or marketing campaign strategy, this prize celebrates an innovative campaign approach. This might include a social media campaign, awesome content, a product launch, rebranding or tradeshow outreach. 

Employer of the Year

This award recognizes companies that provide opportunities for personal and professional development. This company will have supported its employees during this difficult year and ensure it’s a great work environment for employees.